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February 22, 2004

RSS Bill Burnham has an well thought out article entitled RSS: A Big Success In Danger of Failure. Bill talks about why RSS has won out over other push technologies such as PointCast and what not. After that he talks about the supposed dangers for RSS and the solutions he sees. First, the supposed dangers and failures are over hyped. Like most journalists, he's exaggerating the magnitude of the problem in order to juice up the story. For me RSS is like billion dollar companies, they don't just disappear (except if you company's name is Enron).

The article does have some good ideas regarding improvements to address scalability issues such as having the Yahoo! type categories. Of course, Technorati and others are already working on the same problem.

Anyway, The Weekly Read does have a really nice website, and with RSS to boot. (via Don Park's Daily Habit)

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