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March 12, 2004

VMWare The fine folks at VMware spammed me today with the news of their VMWare GSX Server 3 release. I'm too poor to afford this beast, but to others with deeper pocket books, GSX server has the following to offer:
  • 3.6GB memory per VM to support larger server applications
  • Teamed network adapter support, SCSI backup devices for enterprise-class hardware
  • 10-20% improvement in disk and networking performance Seamless migration to datacenter-class virtualization
  • Migrate virtual machines from GSX Server to datacenter-class VMware ESX Server Cross-platform server consolidation
  • VMware GSX Server 3 supports the latest Windows, Linux, and NetWare OSes giving you the flexibility to choose your platform to match business needs
  • Runs on a wider variety of Windows and Linux OSes than any server virtualization product on the market
It's hard these days to live without some sort of VMware installation for development and testing.

As Mendel Rosenblum likes to say, "consider yourself notified."

(via my junk folder)

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