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May 26, 2004

Daily Reconnaissance

General Interest:

Coolest Small Company
A good article about Ann Arbor entrepreneurs. They demonstrate that there's away to grow a business without turning into some kind degenerating franchise.

Fahrenheit 9/11 will be distributed via BitTorrent
This would be great, but I'm not holding my breath.

Announcing and explaining our new 2.0 licenses
Creative Commons releases new licenses along with a fancy new blog badge.

Trust us -- we know best:

Clear Channel Playing Dirty with Bands selling Music
Helping the musicians and music listeners one scam at a time.

Clear Channel Sucks
What else is new?

RIAA Bags 493 More Swappers

The RIAA does not yet know the identities of those it targeted in its latest round of lawsuits but plans to discover them through court-issued subpoenas. RIAA sues but doesn't know who they're suing just yet.

I wonder how many people under the age of 10 and over the age of 60 they're going to sue this time.

Cramping Japan's Digital TV style
Some tips for the FCC.

DVRs 'Recapture' 96% of TV Ad Zapping
My knee-jerk reaction is to disagree because I love TiVo and I hate commercials. Unfortunately, they're right. I actually know all the commercials and recognize them as I'm fast forwarding through all their crap. This is pretty analogous to people pirating MP3s and actually buying the CDs as well. Let me put it this way, I love music and since I don't download any illegally MP3s anymore, I rarely find new bands that I like.

Leave Linus alone so he can code:

Linux report falls flat
Imagine that, Linux was actually written by Linus Torvalds.

R.I.P.: The Counterculture Aura of Linux
Linus adds requirement for patch in order to trace code origin and the NYTimes
attaches the outlandish title "R.I.P: The counterculture aura of Linux" to the article that doesn't go into any detail about this supposedly dead counterculture. Looks like
NYTimes is turning into a blog.

Bookmark This:

How Linux Saved My Files and My Job
Linux saving Windows' ass once again.

Company looks to capitalize on free XML tool
Authentic 2004 is free. It's from the makers of XMLSpy and a chunk of other XML related tools.

You're dying, but here's some drugs:

Aspirin May Lower Risk of Breast Cancer, Report Shows

But the scientists said it was too soon to recommend aspirin just to prevent breast cancer in women who are not already taking the drug for some other reason.

Time to add another pill to the daily regiment.

All stressed out and Everywhere to Go
Flying a lot will make you crazy. Well, duh.

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