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July 11, 2004

Powell Blog Michael Powell, when he's not giving out great deals on the radio spectrum, is now blogging. Like any good blog, the Powell blog has comments. Unfortunately, Michael isn't participating in the comment discussions. I guess that's just too much work, huh?

Well, I hate to brake it to you, Mr. Powell, but just because your ad littered page resembles a blog in terms of format, it doesn't mean it's a blog when your just using it as personal propaganda dispenser. (By the way, I really dig all the little corporate logos that you amassed at the bottom of your page.)

Here are a couple of things things that Michael could do to convince the rest of us that he's really serious about blogging.
  • Put up your blogroll so that we can remotely believe that you're actually reading other blogs and trying to participate in the discussion.
  • You turned on comments, you better start answering those people.
  • Figure out how to use Technorati, or turn on trackback on your "blog."
  • Take some tips from Mark Cuban's blog -- don't make your posts sound like a PR release.
To me, it sounds like someone told Michael that he needs to open a blog so that people could believe that he really has our best interest at heart even when he's kicking back at a power lunch with his buddies at Time Warner.

Like Wes said before:
If you're blogging between 9 and 5, it's not a blog, unless your boss doesn't want you to do it.

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