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July 13, 2004

Gush 1.1 RC 1 & Linux support
gush11_screenshot_small_5.jpg In celebration of Bastile Day tomorrow ( July 14th ), Wes and I have worked day and night for the past 2 weeks straight to finish the Gush release candidate in time.

Lots of performance improvements, bug fixes, and general last minute features. Two things standout in this release. First, the enhanced blog picture viewer which is a must for people who like viewing photoblogs. With the image viewer built into the newsreader, it's easy to view all the photos in a page one after another. The second notable thing about RC 1 is that we finally have support for Linux.

Gush now spans three platforms! Inspired by George Bush's Leave No Child Behind educational policy, we've adopted the Leave No OS Behind policy. The policy is mostly fluff but we're confident that it's going to get us a boost in the polls that we've been looking for in these past couple of weeks.

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