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February 23, 2004

Educational? Dan Gilmore points to a really infuriating article in the Scientific American about how universities are laughing all the way to the bank with their patents. Even while at college I got the sense that universities are ran more like businesses than centers of education. Well, if they're going to be reaping the benefits of patents then maybe they should be taxed like corporations.

However, I'm sure they'll just add that as another one in their Rolodex of excuses for hiking tuition every year. Let's not even start about all the federal funding, courtesy of the US tax payers, that they use for obscure research, and of course the construction of school buildings that they couldn't manage to fit into their already bloated budgets.
Posted by Dudley at 10:59 PM
New Tivo features Tivo has survey about possibly introducing the ability to burn and store recorded Tivo content on your computer. Fill it it out and tell'em you wanna burn. (via HotLinks)
Posted by Wes at 03:09 PM
Can you feel the Voltage? Stowe Boyd has a quick blurb about Voltage releasing a plug-in for MSN Messenger so that they can make use of Identity Based Encryption. I've thought for a while now that this would be a much better E2E solution than what's currently proposed by the and of course the . Maybe it's time that I actually apply for their SDK and have a crack at it.
Posted by Dudley at 02:22 PM
Inside "The Apprentice" Deborah Young, a news reporter, was recently and unknowingly on the addictive hit, "The Apprentice". In her article she shares what happens behind the scenes, namely that much of the drama is fabricated. She mentions how they made a deal off camera and that the time deadlines for the challenge were basically made up. I guess it's no secret that all these shows are scripted, but interesting never the less. If you don't watch the show, you're really missing out. There's nothing more gratifying than watching another moron get dumped from the show. Now if only they could fire two at a time.
Posted by Wes at 02:20 PM
Corporate IM InfoWorld has an article about Instant Messaging choices in the corporate environment. Jabber is mentioned but its kind of pushed to the back despite tying for the highest overall score. Apparently, the only Jabber server ready for the corporate environment is Jabber.com's XCP server. To be fair, it's probably the most adept of at integrating into the corporate environment, but let's not forget about the fledgling Jabber 2 server which shows so much promise. My favorite line from the whole article has to be this:
The most important realization is that organizations really do have choices practically any organization can deploy Jabber, for example.
(via Jabber.org)
Posted by Dudley at 02:06 PM

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