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February 24, 2004

RI We've lived in Rhode Island for almost a year now. Here are a couple of observations:
  • Every winter is colder than the last, and the locals always claim its out of the ordinary.
  • Every store in Rhode Island claims its "The Best in Rhode Island." There's no truth in advertising here.
  • The local news stations keep on advertising "News Chopper 12" like the helicopter was invented yesterday, as well as "Pin-Point Doppler Radar" which, of course, is the most accurate meteorological tool in Southern Rhode Island.
  • Providence, the main hub of civilization in RI, has some of the highest parking meters rates in the country. I used to think that only NY and Tokyo had parking this expensive, but apparently Providence wants to play with the big boys.
  • People in Rhode Island don't know how to drive at all. Its extremely common for people to make a left turn at an intersection like they have a protected turn even when they don't and there's on-coming traffic.
  • Oh yeah, the last mayor of Providence is now in jail.

Well, I guess all of that adds to the quaintness to the smallest state in the Union. However, then I saw Aces Full of Links' article on proposed legislation to make it illegal o “speak, utter, or print” statements in support of anarchy or government overthrow.

Well, The Family Guy, an Rhode Island native, would not stand for this kind of abuse, and neither are we. As soon as we have enough money, we're moving right back to California.

I guess Governor Don Carcieri wanted to make it up to Rhode Island after beating-up on local Native Americans.
Posted by Dudley at 03:02 PM
There ACM Queue, which happens to have a RSS feed, has a great interview with There founder, Will Harvey. I took a look at There before, but I was supposed to be doing work so I never downloaded it. All I'm really interested in is shooting paintballs at other There participants. Hmm, doesn't sounds like the kind of community that would have me as a member for long.
Posted by Dudley at 02:27 AM
Time to refill your monitor's ink DaveZilla has a hilarious anecdote on people with stupid computer questions. This reminds me of the story about a customer calling tech support because they couldn't mouse to certain parts of their desktop. Reason being that if they moved the mouse any further to the left that it would go off the mouse pad.
Posted by Wes at 02:02 AM
Duh... Tim Bray concludes from an Economist article that "coding makes you dumb." Well, that could explain why Wes is drooling on his keyboard. I never wanted to be an accountant because I didn't want to be relegated to a mundane, pencil-pushing existence, but apparently it's too uh... late.
Posted by Dudley at 12:59 AM

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