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March 18, 2004

Providence in March Continued. More snow here in Providence. Thankfully, I didn't have to shovel this time around. This poor plant has taken a big beating this winter. I'm sure I can safely speak for the plant by saying that we want no more snow!
Posted by Dudley at 06:16 PM
Where would you rather be? Tokyo or Providence? While I'm hunting for nice photos in Providence and New York, Andy seems unable to miss wherever he goes.
crw_1850_thm.jpg crw_1786_2_thm.jpg
Andy's ducks at the Korakuen Garden look a lot happier than my ducks in NYC. Go figure.
Posted by Dudley at 01:31 AM
Speak to the Blog Mark Cuban's blog, Blog Maverick, is only a couple of days old, but already very entertaining. I think the man has way too much money (I'm envious), but too his credit he is pushing around the media so you've got to like him.

By the way Mark, if you're reading this, how about one of those nice digital movie theaters here in Providence, RI?
Posted by Dudley at 12:22 AM

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