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April 09, 2004

ALA: relative font sizes Something I've been meaning to add to the blog. Bojan Mihelac has a short and sweet article on how to make your site more accessible by including relative font sizes. The article also has all the css, html, javascript you need to get the job done.
Posted by Wes at 04:55 PM
Tell her like it is!
ShitBitchBear.jpg A little late for valentines, but still a great gift for that special someone.
The Shit Bitch Bearô has been proven to increase response and lower inhibitions of recipients
Now who couldn't use some of that.
Posted by Wes at 04:26 PM
Seinfeld & Superman Are hanging out together in a very funny and clever marketing campaign from American Express. The site is nicely done in flash with good attention to detail, check it out.
Posted by Wes at 04:08 PM

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