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April 17, 2004

BloggerCon II -- The Return of Dave Wes and I are going to BloggerCon II tomorrow because we're in Providence, Boston's backyard. The conference starts damn early, but we'll try to be on time. To be honest, I'm not too excited about the Dave Winer rendition of the national anthem, but hopefully what follows will make up for it. Let's get one thing straight, the most compelling reason why Wes and I are going to Boston is because we'll be close to the only Jamba Juice in a hundred mile radius -- it's going to make the yappity-yap-yap go over a lot easier in our sleep deprived state of mind. There's also the temptation to blog a blow-for-blow account of the conference, but then we don't really know for how long we'll be at Jamba Juice.
Posted by Dudley at 12:18 AM

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