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May 02, 2004

Granato goes all Flash Granato has boldly gone where few succeed, and has achieved a very intuitive feel all in Flash. There is good attention to detail including tooltips for images, input field focusing, some nice rollover sounds that aren't annoying, and a few very subtle alpha blends to give some texture to the site.

Just a few observations:
  • Clicking on a post's text turns it blue. Not sure if that is a convenient way to mark items as read or not, but that's what I use it for.
  • Links to different sections of the site load new pages. I'm guessing this is to play nice with browser history and give users the option to open links in new windows.
  • I notice a bunch of links goto various sections of the DENG website, not sure what that's all about.
  • I can use my scroll wheel for the TxFL news which is lovely, but not for the main posts.
  • I'm not seeing any trackback or permalink integration.
Again, it's very well done, so check it out.
Posted by Wes at 02:41 AM

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