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May 05, 2004

An author's dream come true Actionscript.com is now opening it's doors to contributors, and the best part is, you can earn some extra cash. They are using Google's Adsense, which can now track individual pages. So the more popular or more often you write, the more you can earn. Details here if you're interested.
Posted by Wes at 06:04 PM
A Ringer for a Ringer
al.jpg This week on the Dewoblizer: What the heck does RSS have to do with eWeek's article on Longhorn Trying to Gore Linux? How does Al Gore factor into all of this? The answers: nothing and in no way.

Scoble preaches interoptability between his RedHat and Longhorn machines. I guess he's talking about Samba and Wine? Aren't those the projects that have been taking years to reverse engineer proprietary Microsoft implementations?

Not to worry, because RSS is to the rescue. RSS, for example, will make the whole argument about the mountain of patents disappear when future projects like Wine and Samba are blasted for reverse engineering Longhorn. Oh right, I guess interopt in the sense of Microsoft saying you're allowed to interopt. In the words of Michael Eisner on The Family Guy: bring money.

Just to flex some of my ignorance, but isn't the Avalon XML schema some kind of derivative of SVG? I'm sure they have great technical arguments for why SVG couldn't possibly do what they really wanted it to do. I guess we'll have interopt when others try to converge on the Microsoft specification. Nevermind, I forgot that Microsoft wants to interopt in the USA but not in Europe and New Zealand. Can we add Canada to that list?

Let's talk about a real specification worth complying with -- CSS. How's that coming along? Can we at least be assured we'll have that? Will the "awesome browser" that I can build in Longhorn be able to just take good-old CSS and render it 100% properly without me having to resort to some kind of Microsoft specific hack?

Am I being to harsh? Didn't Microsoft OneNote implement the OPML specification recently? Let me get this right, OPML is the XML schema with essentially just one element and you get to pretty much pick whatever attributes you want for that element, right? Bravo, Microsoft. Bravo.

To be honest, the amount of squirming in Scoble's article makes me more nervous than the eWeek article. And by the way, RSS is not the antacid that I'm looking for in this case.
Posted by Dudley at 01:31 AM

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