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May 25, 2004

Beta 2 Managed to squeeze out yet another beta for Gush 1.1. It'll probably be the last beta before finalizing 1.1 The beta has taken a bit longer than most betas partly because we continued to add new features after the first beta. As a rule of thumb, this is generally not a good idea, but we wanted to get the 1.1 to the stage where Gush is stable and most of the smaller requested features were added.

With this out of the way, we can finally move onto more exciting things like file transfer, file sharing, group discussions (Multi User Chat), and much more.

atomenabled.png Gush is finally Atom Enabled. I've been meaning to add Atom support for a long time now, but other things kept cropping up. As expected, adding Atom support was trivial since I've are developed all the bag of tricks to deal with all the variations of RSS, and not to mention all the crap feeds out there.

As of right now, we haven't finished the OS X version. The OS X version has been quite troublesome. Most of the problems are related to using WebKit to house the Flash SWF. WebKit/Safari interaction with Flash SWFs is not nearly as good as Firefox's interaction with SWFs under OS X. First, the cursor doesn't reliably change into the cursor hand over links in Flash HTML textfields. Second, when Gush is minimized to the Dockbar, WebKit seems to pause Flash. This behavior may be fine for most web-based SWF files, but it's not the expected behavior for an application.

We've been trying on and off to compile Mozilla's CHBrowserView so that we may embedded that instead of WebKit. Hopefully, over the next couple of days I can get that compiled and integrated followed by the OS X release.
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