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June 05, 2004

CSS: Defeat the focus rect in Mozilla Normally in Mozilla, when you click on a link, you get that nasty focus rectangle around it (see image).
Well thankfully there is easy fix. Just wrap everything inside the link in an empty tag and you're all done. The only downside is that you introduce non-semantic markup, but it's there if you need it. The technique also works in Safari.

Update: The original post was incorrect stating that the link needed to be wrapped by a span tag. This will not work, the link must wrap the span tag. How about an example to clarify:

  Going Nowhere
Posted by Wes at 07:17 PM
Jun 5th Morning
morn_traffic_signal_small.jpg morn_sky_small.jpg
morn_gravel_dirt_small.jpg morn_smoke_stack_small.jpg morn_cvs_back_small.jpg
Posted by Dudley at 05:16 PM
Flash: Great use
muchthesame.jpg Recently, a good friend of mine joined a new band and so I went to their website to check out some sample tracks, which are hosted on purevolume.com. And lo and behold, they have a small flash mp3 player to preview the songs (separate downloads available as well).

So you might say big deal, I've seen that. Well, I have as well but it's few and far between. I know it's a small detail, but one that in my opinion matters a good deal. I hate when sites try to use Media Player, or Real Player, or even Quicktime. It's annoying an unnecessary bulk for playing a song. Flash is not great for everything, but this is one area in which it shines. Everyone already has the player, so use it!

As for the flash mp3 player itself, it's pretty well done. It doesn't do anything you don't tell it to do, like start to play automatically for example. There is no volume control, but that's livable. Some of the play controls do not have the expected behavior, but again, far better than the hassle of external players. You can also open the player as a popup to listen to the tracks while browsing elsewhere.

Now if only we can get sites to start using Flash and flvs for movie trailers, but that's another post.

* On a side note, good music and good luck to Jevin and MuchTheSame.
Posted by Wes at 04:22 PM

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