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June 18, 2004

FeedDemon Crack
nickbradbury.jpg Just reading Nick Bradbury's latest post about how people pirating FeedDemon have the gall to actually complain to Nick about the upgrade crashing their cracked version of FeedDemon 1.0. Where do these people get their sense of entitlement?

Wes and I thankfully have steered clear of those kinds of users up until now. We've certainly had our fare share of demands. However, our core Gush users are great, and they have been very patient with our continual "refinements."
Posted by Dudley at 11:57 PM
Mark Shuttle and Tuttle SVC Our fellow Rhode Islander, Tom Hoffman, landed himself a gig working as the project lead for the SchoolTool project. From what Tom has told me in the past, SchoolTool is a pretty ambitious effort sponsored by Mark Shuttleworth to develop an Open Source administration system that could be used by schools around the world. Congratulations to Tom, and to SchoolTool for bringing him on board.
Posted by Dudley at 11:03 PM

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