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July 20, 2004

Flash. What's it good for? Bigger and better things have been done in Flash, but this is entertaining nonetheless: The Incredibly Evil Machine.
Posted by Dudley at 11:46 PM
Bottle Cap Tripod Those crazy guys in Japan have come up with a . I love how they're using the nasty green tea bottle that you can find in any combini in Japan. I could have used that today while I was lugging around my camera in one hand and my 20oz Coke bottle in the other. (via HotLinks).
Posted by Dudley at 11:32 PM
The Enterprise IM Game A couple of weeks ago and then AOL announced that they're stopping their enterprise IM offerings because the they didn't know what to do with all the money they were getting from corporations. Of course, they couldn't just leave the enterprise market all together because that violates Rule III and Rule IX of big business:
  • III. Don't every admit defeat -- it's bad for your share price.
  • XI.  You've got to be in every possible market.
Soon there after, AOL and Yahoo! announced they would be colluding...er...interopting with Microsoft in the enterprise IM market.

So what about XMPP/Jabber? Joe Hildebrand goes into some detail about some of the questions that have come up since the announcement. Microsoft LCS interoptability with AOL and Yahoo.

It's interesting to note that Apple will be making its way into this market with the release of Tiger and the iChat server which happens to support XMPP. Imagine that, giving away an IM server with the operating system so that people can just IM. That sounds like something corporations are willing to buy.
Posted by Dudley at 11:20 PM

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