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July 22, 2004

Lane 6
Posted by Dudley at 08:19 PM
You've got Pictures! Occasionally I get spammed with job openings. I found this gem filtered to my junk mail this morning. It's interesting in that it gives a tiny insight into where AOL is putting their development efforts. Apparently AOL doesn't want to let Google have all of the fun when it comes to photo management.
Innovation is Difficult ~ Come be Challenged!!!
Company: AOL

Location: Mt. View, CA

Position: UI Designer
Individual Contributor Roles

Job duration: Full Time

You’ve Got Pictures!
Come help push the new wave of digital imaging at AOL!

The AOL Product Design group has a need to fill a UI design position in our California Development office located in Mountain View California. This designer will be working directly on photo based applications and environments following industry standards. This designer will also be working with a co-located team and should be comfortable communicating through different avenues and also require about 20% travel to the Los Angeles area.

  • This individual is responsible for working with other UI Designers on designing the user interface for a powerful, yet easy-to-use and tightly-integrated suite of next generation products for the desktop and the web.
  • Scope of work ranges includes specific features and feature sets across multiple applications.
  • Design work consists of high and low-level flow diagrams, wireframes, and detailed interaction specifications for use by Engineering and Quality Assurance.
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Posted by Dudley at 02:16 PM
TiVo v. NFL / MPAA The fat cats at the NFL and the MPAA have filed complaints to the FCC about TiVo's service that will allow people to move recorded content onto their PCs. My favorite part of the MSNBC's TiVo's plans lead to copyright fight article:
The NFL, meanwhile, is concerned that a user could send a copy of a game to someone in another time zone, where the game is blacked out. Burger responded that at current bandwidth, such a transfer would take 144 hours.
The NFL to sports fans: "Sit. Lie down. Roll over."

More coverage on the latest TiVo news from the PVRblog: TiVo: you can only innovate if the NFL and MPAA say so
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