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August 02, 2004

RSSCalendar I saw a new service called RSSCalendar off of HotLinks today. It's a really cool idea. You administer your calendar via a web interface, and then you can send people links to the RSS feeds for either daily, weekly, and monthly events. So all updates made to the calendar will propagate to people subscribed to your feeds.
Posted by Dudley at 03:45 PM
RI Serial Killer Aces Full of Links points to Boston.com article about the Woonsocket Serial Murder. This is a tad too close to home. Again, I really should start watching the local news, but these days I get all my news from the web or from The Daily Show.
Posted by Dudley at 03:37 PM
Photoblog So the executive decision was made to move our photos to a separate photo blog: I've seen better. There was a lot of going back and forth whether or not to continue posting the pictures here or not.

The advantages of moving to a dedicated photo blog is that we could present the images in a larger format. Most of the images on I've Seen Better will have a maximum dimension of 600 pixels, but on GN they were limited to 450 which seem just low enough to lose a lot of the detail captured in the full image (this may have worked in my advantage on more than one occasion).

In the spirit of great compromises, we'll post more photos to the photo blog, but once in a while post pictures to good-old Going Nowhere. This of course means that we'll have to start posting more regularly to GN since we can't really use the images as filler anymore.
Posted by Dudley at 12:04 AM

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