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August 08, 2004

You think the carpet pissers did this? You're Entering a World of Lebowski is a well written New York Times article by David Edelstein who "gets it" because he obviously listened to the Dude's story. The article gets bonus points for the following paragraph:
The Coens turned down requests to be interviewed about the cult of "The Big Lebowski," which is frankly infuriating: I did not watch my buddies die facedown in the muck to be blown off by too-cool, insular, press-shunning elitists.
(via Andy)
Posted by Dudley at 02:35 PM
American Dad
Visit the unofficial american-dad website today
Seth McFarlane, the creator of The Family Guy, has a new show called American Dad that looks promising. Check out the six minute pilot.
Posted by Dudley at 02:25 PM
Build your own Feedbruner Leslie Orchard over at 0xDECAFBAD is busy building an Atom/RSS client/server aggregator on top of Mark Pilgrim's Universal Feed Parser. From the system diagram, it looks like the scanned feeds are dumped into your choice of relational database. From there you can construct queries for feed items, and then the query result set is automatically turned into an Atom feed. It goes one step further by providing an XSLT processor to transform the resulting Atom feed into XHTML for viewing inside of the browser. This is hardly revolutionary, but if done right it could become very useful. With some slight modifications, you could pretty much duplicate a lot of the functionality offered by .
Posted by Dudley at 02:10 PM

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