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August 17, 2004

Buy a Politician This just in from the New Yauk Times: Politicians for sale in Texas.
Running as a Republican in a heavily Democratic district in Texas against a five-term incumbent, Ms. Klein, 39, has received more in donations and fund-raising help from the telecommunications and power industries than any other rookie candidate in the nation.
What? Why the hell do they care about some lowly district race?
Because administration officials have said that in the event of a second Bush administration she would be considered by the president, whom she served as a senior policy adviser when he was governor of Texas, as a candidate to be the next head of the Federal Communications Commission.
So what exactly does campaign finance reform do for us? Hold on, it gets better:
"The reason they've told me that they support me is that they appreciated that I had integrity," Ms. Klein said. "Even though we disagreed, it was harmonious."
What a crock of shit (Pardon my Texan). I think they "disagreed" on her kickbacks, but the outcome is "harmonious" for both parties.
Posted by Dudley at 01:39 AM

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