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September 12, 2004

Web Innovation of the Year I have a query for monitoring all Jabber/XMPP related news. I picked up on a MacDailyNews post about voting for iTunes as the "internet innovation of the year". The reason it picked it up is because one of the other contenders is "Jabber Open IM". You've got to love PubSub.

Anyway, I obviously voted for Jabber Open IM over iTunes. Other contenders were ONSPEED and Skype. In my opinion, iTunes shouldn't count. iTunes has been very successful and it is the first service of its kind, but this is just because Apple was able to cut a deal with devil...er...the music industry.

Technically, Jabber Open IM isn't an innovation of this past year, it's been around since 1999, I think. Well, I guess there's no reason to get all technical about it. Go Vote for Jabber.
Posted by Dudley at 01:59 PM

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