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October 02, 2004

Gush interface making the rounds
Update: The kind folks at motion4graphics contacted us and have decided to include us in their credits. They have also modified their interface, and it looks even better.

Just recently I came across flashblog.org and immediately got the sense that I had seen their interface before. Oh that's right, I designed it for Gush 1.0. Interestingly enough their slogan is "Las mejores ideas son propidedad de todos" which roughly translates, "the best ideas belong to everyone." That's easy to say when they aren't your ideas :) Don't get me wrong, we are flattered more than anything that people like our interface enough to copy it, but some credit would be nice.

Here's a comparison: (Gush interface on the left)
Posted by Wes at 09:48 PM
A great new reason to use Firefox I was just made aware of a feature available into today's bleeding edge build. You can now force links opened by other applications to open in the active or new tab, instead of opening a new window! I can now open links from Gush to my hearts content without getting a pile of new windows. You can also force links in Firefox to open new tabs instead of a new window, eliminating the need for Ctrl+Click or the buggy middle mouse button click. Total control at last.
Posted by Wes at 04:50 PM
Fox fabricates story and then pretends it's The Onion Here's the breaking post at Talking Points Memo. Now that's what I call fair and balanced reporting by Fox.

(via Aces Full of Links: Fox Making S**T Up)
Posted by Dudley at 03:31 PM

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