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January 20, 2005

Python Propaganda Here's printable Python Propaganda PDF (from someone who has too much free time) for my favorite programming language, Python. If you don't like Python, then you're unpatriotic and evil.
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September 02, 2004

Judge Judy Let me start off by revealing a dark secret: Not too long ago, I actually didn't like Judge Judy. My impression was that she was too harsh on the people in front of her. That verdict was far too hasty. Taking a close look at the characters that appear before her, and it's plainly obvious they've got everything that's coming to them.

Without fail, everyday a group of people appear before Judge Judy to present their case. In every case there's at least one person clearly in the wrong, and sometimes both people are in guilty to a degree. In spite of that, every person attempts to guile Judge Judy with their supposed innocence.

Judge Judy relentlessly applies common sense to cut through the layers of poorly strung exaggerations and lies. It's really an awesome sight.

So the big idea for the day is to make Judge Judy part of Congressional oversight committees. Not only would CSPAN's ratings shoot up wildly, but she'd cut through all the partisan crap. Imagine George Tenet going before Judge Judy having to explain the intelligence failures. My prediction is that he'd crumble like a cookie.

The same goes for the upcoming presidential debates. It's going to be an hour long political slogan contest. No thanks, what we need instead is for George Bush and John Kerry to appear in Judge Judy's court room and present their case to Judge Judy. Of course, she doesn't have to render a verdict but just ask all the tough questions. That's the only way we're going to get some real answers.
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